(Monday 17th January 2011)
Woodlands Stand from players tunnel The debate over the proposed 'Community Stadium' is set to reach new levels of intensity at a Full Cabinet meeting scheduled for the evening of Monday 17th January 2011. The Cabinet, made up of nine local councillors, are expected to give the give the go ahead after a report presented to the Cabinet says there is merit in proceeding with the project. The report concludes this would be for the purpose of further consultation on the basis of a Community Stadium with supporting facilities including club training facilities and community pitches. The report goes on to state there is also potential to include a 'Sports Village' but those options, 'will also require significant levels of residential enabling development', with Wycombe Air Park at Booker offering, 'the best potential to realise the preferred high level options'.

However, the Cabinet is coming under fierce opposition to the proposals. In the week leading up the meeting, the Bucks Free Press has been awash with articles continuing to criticise the proposals, while the GASP action group will protest outside the Council offices prior to the meeting. Meanwhile, joint Wanderers and London Wasps owner, Steve Hayes, has accused Wanderers supporters opposed to the plans as lacking ambition. In a radio interview for TalkSport, he said " There's plenty of Wycombe Wanderers supporters that will be quite happy to see us go back to into the Conference and below. But for us to survive and continue to improve, we've got to have some ambition and that ambition is to move to another ground."

Reports on Bucks Free Press website
If, as expected, the proposal gets approval from the Cabinet, then the next stage would be a planning application. This represents a change from the original plan where the method was to be a Core Strategy Alteration. The report to Cabinet states, "Extensive consultation will need to be incorporated into the planning application process. This will need to involve more than one stage of consultation and will need to ensure it satisfies as an absolute minimum the requirements set out in the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement in relation to consultation at both the pre-application and application stage."

See the Wycombe District Council website to download the full 146 page report and other related documents.

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