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(Friday 11th May 2001)
Martin Taylor - WWISC Player of the Season award 2000/2001 - picture Paul DennisAs expected Martin Taylor picked up all the Player of the Season awards for season 2000/2001. Taylor has been in outstanding form during a season where he played in all sixty-three of Wanderers' First Team games.

Speaking before the awards Taylor said "I've enjoyed the whole season... especially at my age! It's been a roller-coaster season and the highlight of my career has been the semi-final."

Shortly before the FA Cup semi-final with Liverpool, Martin spoke to WWISC Chairman Ted Wheller as part of an interview for The Wanderer magazine. Martin talked about his early career and how he first came to Wycombe as a loan player at the tail end of the 1996/97 season. He was also asked if he had ever considered leaving Wycombe after his contract had expired at the end of the 1999/2000 season.

"Not really no! I didn't want to leave, I had no inkling to leave and I'll be out of contract again at the end of next year. I read on the internet last year that I played better because I was under pressure to play better because I was out of contract. Well to me that's a lot of nonsense because I go out there and give it my best, sometimes things come off and sometimes they don't. I'm in a position where every mistake I make is highlighted because it's a goal."

Taylor won the Club Player of the Season award for 1999/2000 but added the WWISC award and the OWWSA awards for the 2000/2001 campaign. "Winning Player of the Year is nice and it's good to win it, or at least be in the frame for it because then you know that the fans like you. But week in week out I'll be as consistent as I possibly can and of course some weeks are better then others. I've learnt that you can't please everybody all of the time."

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