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Part 8
Aug 2019 - Nov 2019
New Investors given the go ahead

(Wednesday 28th August 2019)
The Club announced on Wednesday (28th August 2019) that General Manager Michael Davies had left his role with the Wanderers. A short statement on the official website read: "His departure is a result of a re-organisation of the off-field operations, and a revised structure for this area will be announced shortly." Davies was appointed at Adams Park in December 2016 by then Chairman Andrew Howard following time with London Welsh. Davies was the direct line Manager for all heads of department at the Club. His departure follows a long line of high ranking General Managers, Chief Executives and Sales & Marketing personnel employed by the Club and comes just a few weeks after the arrival of 'proposed owner' Rob Couhig, plus nephew Peter Couhig and Mark Palmer becoming more involved in the day-to-day running of the Club.
(Wednesday 4th September 2019)
Wycombe Wanderers Trust issued an update to Members on the evening of Wednesday 4th September 2019 regarding the proposals to allow Rob Couhig to acquire 75% of the shares of the Football Club. The update suggested that a legal agreement with Rob Couhig would hope to be signed by the end of September 2019, which would later have to be ratified by 75% of Legacy Members voting in favour of the proposed deal. The date of the vote was not revealed in the update but is understood to be far sooner than the original estimate of 'Spring 2020'. The update also confirmed that a Fans Forum had been arranged at Adams Park on Thursday 19th September where the proposals would be discussed.
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(Thursday 19th September 2019)
The Fans Forum held at Adams Park on Thursday 19th September was streamed live on the Club's official YouTube channel and is also consequently available to view as an archive. The Forum, hosted by Club Head of Media, Matt Cecil, saw Trevor Stroud, Rob Couhig and Gareth Ainsworth answer questions mainly centred around the takeover proposals now expected to voted on during later October 2019. The YouTube feed is embedded below.
(Wednesday 2nd October 2019)
Wanderers Manager Gareth Ainsworth has said that it is his 'dream' to lead Wycombe into the Championship and added that it would take something 'spectacular' to lure him away from a Club that he had been with for close to ten years. The Wycombe boss was speaking at a Fans Forum held at Adams Park on 19th September 2019 where he also stressed the importance of the forthcoming Legacy Members vote regarding investment proposals.
Ainsworth has a dream at Adams Park - COTN special article
(Tuesday 15th October 2019)
Close to 350 Trust Legacy Members attended the meeting at Adams Park on Tuesday 15th October 2019 to hear the final presentations ahead of the voting process which started at 9pm on the same evening. The meeting was broadcast live to Trust members via Facebook with an estimated further 200 watching the live stream. Voting is open until midnight on 29th October 2019.
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(Tuesday 22nd October 2019)
The Club reported on the morning of Tuesday 22nd October that 87% of Legacy Members had already voted on the proposals to allow outside investment in the Club. Voting reminders to those still to vote are being sent by CES, with voting continuing until the midnight on 29th October 2019 deadline. Legacy Members can view details of the full deal at Adams Park by appointment with The Trust. The Trust are waiting advice if they can announce the 75% threshhold, should that be reached before the deadline.
(Wednesday 23rd October 2019)
A joint statement by Wycombe Wanderers Football Club and WW Trust, just after 5pm on Monday 23rd October 2019, confirmed that the 75% threshold of members approval had been reached to allow the purchase of a majority share in the club by Feliciana EFL Ltd (the company controlled by Rob Couhig). Commenting on the news, Trust and Football Club Chairman Trevor Stroud said: "This is a hugely significant step forward for the Club and we are delighted that the Legacy Members have followed the Trust board’s recommendation to welcome Rob Couhig and his team into the club as majority shareholders." The deal is subject to approval by the Football League and due dillengence tests by all parties, with a completion expected by mid December.
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(Thursday 24th October 2019)
The proposed new Board of Directors for Wycombe Wanderers Football Club under the new ownership, will be Rob Couhig (CEO), Missy Couhig, Peter Couhig and Mark Palmer. The Trust can appoint two representatives on the FC Board while holding a minimum of 10% shares. The representation would be reduced to one if the shareholder dropped below 10%. Missy Couhig will become the first female (non-secretary) on a WWFC Board.
(Friday 1st November 2019)
It was revealed on Friday (1st November 2019) that close to 95% of Trust Legacy Members voted in fabour of the proposals to allow the purchase of a majority share in the club by Feliciana EFL Ltd (the company controlled by Rob Couhig). The results were reported by Civica Election Services and published via the Trust website. Only 21 of 896 votes cast were against the proposals, with 25 votes not received. Current Trust and Football Club Chairman, Trevor Stroud, commented: "Thank you for not allowing apathy to decide the future of our Football Club."
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