(Tuesday 5th July 2016)
Wanderers fan James Cumming has kept a New Year's resolution to publish a book about his beloved team, with the release of Small Town Dreams - a 400 plus page, partly fictional tale, of his life experiences during the 2000/1 run to the FA Cup Semi-Final. The flip-side of the story is that Cummings managed to miss the run due him undertaking a pre-planned childhood dream of travelling the world.

The book documents Cummings' dillema and subsequent adventures following a redundancy sponsored plan to travel to the world with his girlfriend, coinciding with Wanderers' FA Cup adventure under Lawrie Sanchez. Cummings explained: "Over a crazy six month period my childhood dreams of travelling around the world and of seeing the Wanderers becoming FA Cup giant-killers collided in spectacular fashion"

Cummings, who first memories of watching Wanderers date back to 1976 aged just 4, recalls vividly in the opening passages of the book the disappointment of seeing his side lose out away to York City in a 1986 FA Cup Third Round. He then fast forwards 15 years to the start of the 2000/1 run - a home tie with Harrow Borough. He told "In the run up to the Harrow game, I had no reason to believe that after 24 years of near misses against Bournemouth, York, West Ham, Norwich and West Brom, along with other cup humiliations against Aylesbury and the Met Police, that the FA Cup dream was any closer. The fact that I was skint meant that my dreams of world travel didn't look overly likely either. Then I received a surprise redundancy package as Jamie Bates fired Wycombe into Round 2. The rest is history... or at least now documented in a book."

Cumming's added: "What started out as a hung-over New Year's resolution two and a half years ago is now Small Town Dreams. I'm incredible nervous about sharing it, but am also very proud of the end result. I hope that it conveys what a football club means to its supporters, and more importantly, what Wycombe Wanderers means to me."

Small Town Dreams is available to purchase in Paperbook and Kindle format via Amazon.

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