(originally issued by the Club on 31st January 2000)
Hillbottom Road End - plans to double in size - picture Chairboys on the NetThe Club have submitted a planning application to Wycombe District Council to double the size of the Roger Vere Stand. The Club have also applied for a grant to the Football Trust to enable it to carry out this work. The Club plan to complete the Roger Vere Stand extension during the coming closed season assuming planning permission is obtained and the Football Trust grant comes through. The existing roof would be removed and new seats added by simply extending the existing terracing backwards. A new roof would then be added, while retaining parking for the disabled, the main difference being that vehicles would need to park between the metal uprights supporting the new section of the stand. The Safety Advisory Group of the Buckinghamshire County Council have given the plans their full support.

The current capacity of the Roger Vere Stand for away supporters at Adams Park is 1,047 seats. When the demand for away support at matches exceeds 1,000 Wycombe Wanderers currently accommodate 348 additional away fans in Blocks 0, H & V of the Amersham & Wycombe College Stand. Due to safety and segregation WWFC can not accommodate any additional away fans even though the demand exists. To date the Club have yet to get within 1,000 of the home capacity. Adams Park has a town planning limit of 10,000 which would not change under these new proposals. It is simple common sense to locate away supporters in one area if possible, as this will deter away fans trying to get into home areas, thereby improving safety and segregation. This improvement also makes sound economic sense, as this proposal to increase the away capacity by 977 seats would generate much needed revenue for the Club on every occasion during any future season when the away support exceeds its current limit.

Naturally to keep to the 10,000 capacity the Club will need to reduce its potential home capacity by 977 by losing all the 558 standing spaces currently available in the paddock area in-front of the Amersham & Wycombe College Stand and 419 standing spaces in the Syan Stand. This will reduce the maximum potential capacity of the Syan Stand from 2,136 to 1,717. However the Club will have use of the 348 seats in Blocks 0, H & V in the Amersham & Wycombe College Stand, meaning that the maximum potential loss of home capacity is only 629. These changes will increase the capacity for away fans to 2,026 seats (including 10 spaces for the disabled) leaving a capacity of 7,974 for home fans (6,257 seats including 50 spaces for the disabled and 1,717 standing).

The Club has no current plans to seat the Syan Stand terraced area, unless forced to do so after being promoted to Division I. The extension to the Roger Vere Stand will enable away supporters to be safety accommodated in one area which will make stewarding and policing easier while at the same time improving the matchday atmosphere of the stadium and the aspect for all away supporters.
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